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thank you so much for getting this far online stalking me! if you're here it's because you either want to know more about me, or more about my work - so here's a little bit of both.


my name is priscilla lloyd and i'm an ecuadorian-american artist, born and raised in the metro detroit area. i love eating pizza, watching elf, and playing keyboards/flute with my friends in the band mark whalen and the buttermilk boys.

outside of priscilla lloyd design, I also work as an exhibit designer mainly for the cranbrook institute of science, so if you follow my Instagram you can see some of that stuff, too!

my work:

i started this company mainly as a ceramics thing, but my goal is to eventually expand into woodworking, furniture, and hopefully even glass.

all of my ceramics are hand-built, using slab- and coil-building methods. i also hand-paint every piece with underglaze, so everything ends up being truly one-of-a-kind.


I'm currently working on getting some wheel-throwing and slip-casting in the mix too, so I can make sure there's enough of things to go around!

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